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Questions from Laila.

Wearing Contact Lenses After Blepharoplasty

How long does it usually take for a patient to be able to wear contact lenses after upper and lower Blepharoplasty? READ MORE

How Safe is a Cheek Lift for Eyelid Correction?

The plastic surgeon advised me to get a cheek lift procedure to fix my upper and lower eyelids. Is it a safe option? If not, what would the best procedure for me? READ MORE

What would you recommend for upper lid drooping, crepey loose skin, and hyperpigmentaion under lower lid/ upper cheeks? (photo)

I am in my 40's and have brownish middle eastern skin color. I had severe grave disease. My opthomologist surgically lower one of my my upper lid & removed bags from both lower... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to tighten under eye skin for brown skin people?

What is the best treatment to tighten under eye skin for brown skin people? READ MORE

Chemical peel went inside my eyes. Is my cornea damage? What will be the short & long term affect?

Yesterday I had a chemical peel at a dr. office. Its called I-Brighten, her esthetician performed this peel, U leave it for 4 hours then wash it off. But after i came to work... READ MORE

Lost jaw line, double chin, droopy corner of the mouth, small chin (Photo)

I am 5'5 tall 132 pounds and in my late 40's. 1) douple chin and no jowls (Even when i was 105 pounds kybella can't give me the definition i m looking for) 2) droopy corner of... READ MORE

Feeling depressed with fat under neck, lost definition in jowl area and cheeks, heavy nasolabial folds. Options? (photo)

I am in my mid 40. I live in northern Virginia. I am very conscious about the droopyness on my face and needs some input on what minimum cost affecting procedures and less down... READ MORE

Recent comments from Laila.

Its been over two years are you satisfied with your results? You look great please give us update READ COMMENT

Please can you post before and after the procedure pictures? How is the scar? READ COMMENT

Where are the pictures? READ COMMENT

Have you done the cheek lift surgery? How are your results? READ COMMENT

Hahahaha agreed ☺️ you will get lots of prayers from us for sure hope we will get the same results READ COMMENT