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Alexis52- Have you ever had botox in your crow's feet before? Did you call the Dr? maybe you need to ice to help reduce swelling. I wish you the best of luck. this message board really helped me when I was going trough my botox... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear that you are not healing faster. I drink a lot of water and walk nearly every day. I really thinks that helps. Keep your head up and stay positive. I know how frustrating and upsetting the "bad Botox" experience is,... READ COMMENT

Thank You!!!! I am doing well. I had a full house for Mother's Day. It was beautiful weather and we were able to enjoy it. I hope you had a great day as well. I hope everyone is at peace with their faces. Keep smiling! READ COMMENT

I remember the 8 week was a big improvement for me. I did have setbacks after that if i wasn't taking care of my self. Laura you are almost there. You guys are all going to be fine. Who is "Blacky"? I think she is another victim of... READ COMMENT

Hey Everyone, I'm sorry that you guys are still not healed :(. I hope you all had a great Easter or Passover. I had a fantastic Easter. I had 40 guests at my house. I am so tired. I cant wait to get some sleep tonight. READ COMMENT