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Dr. Burnett is the Best and the Greatest - Westfield, NJ

I've been seeing him for a few years already and even now living in NYC, I don't mind travelling to Westfield to see him, because he is the best doctor who provides superb service to his patients. On top of being a great doctor, he is a great human being, who has his patient's best interest at heart, a rare quality these days. Dr. Burnett, it was my lucky day when I scheduled my first... READ MORE

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Still Numb 3 Hours After Lip Augmentation with Juvederm, is this Normal?

I just had my lip augmentation with Juvederm around 3 hours ago, it still numb. The problem is, while in the office, my lips were nice and even, however, i just noticed that... READ MORE

Dental Check Up After Juvederm Lip Injection?

Hi, I had a quick dental check up 24 hours after the Juviderm lip injection. The dentist had to touch my lips, to check my teeth, but it was fairly quick. Now I am really... READ MORE

Ethnic nose refinement. Is it possible to get my nose more narrow? (Photo)

I have scheduled a rhinoplasty / septic lastly and I super excited about the upcoming procedure. My concern is that given that I have a bulbous tip, the results may not be what... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant. Can my implant shift from sneezing?

Hello, I just got my rhinoplasty and chin implant done on Friday. Its Day 2 and I feel pretty comfortable. One question, can my chin implant shift from sneezing? I am trying to... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty recovery question. Is it acceptable to do light housework?

I am 5 days post op Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant. most of the swelling and bruising are down. Is it acceptable to do light housework? Also, I attempted to clean my right... READ MORE

Chin Implant place incorrectly. What should I do?

The right tail of the implant is right under my gum line, it is protruding in my mouth, I can feel it with my finger. I had the procedure done on Friday and I need to get it... READ MORE

What are the risk of shifting chin implant?

I had a revision procedure yesterday, the right wing was protruding through the gum line causing the pain. I feel asleep when I got home and woke up with my shoulder poking... READ MORE

Chin implant asymmetrical swelling

I had a revision chin implant procedure done on Wednesday. The original implant was malpositioned, the right wing was protruding through my gum line. During revision my PS... READ MORE

Sudden lip numbness occurred 5 days after chin implant surgery. Is it unusual to develop the delayed numbness?

I had revision chin implant procedure, the PS replaced the original implant and fixated it with screws. My lips were not numb right after the procedure. 5 days after the... READ MORE

Chin implant Issues. Please Help! I had my chin implant replace 15 days ago and the swelling is getting worse.

The right side of my chin and lip are swollen and very numb, there is no bruising or redness. However, since I came back to work and unfortunately has to talk more than I did... READ MORE

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Thanks! It's 4 weeks post op, doing better. My nose fluctuates with the weather, when it's hot it's gets swollen, looks great when it's colder. The tip is still really swollen. How long did it take to take the final shape ? READ COMMENT

I have my chin implant revised twice within 2 weeks. After last revision, it was fine until 5 days ops the right side of my lip got suddenly numb. Had I known that i'll have to go through all that pain and anxiety, i'd never had the... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your experience.. I just got my procedure, rhinoplasty and chin implant, done on Friday. So now it is day 2 and I look like a train wreck, on top of I I am still swollen from the surgery. Reading your blog gives me... READ COMMENT