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Well, I'm on my 7th set of trays, it's easier now to get them in and out, I ordered to hook of off amizon which is brilliant when u 1st put a new set inn. (the hook is metal and small, best purchase ever) the only thing is I'm still... READ COMMENT

Managed better today, but has anyone else had a problem with the smell, i brush my teeth religiously, after food and rinse the tray, when taking them out, but they are making me feel sick! Any helpfull advise please READ COMMENT

Went back to the dentist today, he did the same as me, split it at the front where the tension is, but he did reasure me, and there is still tension even with a split, only on my 3rd tray and I'm already loosing the will to live!!... READ COMMENT

Hi all, I am on my second set of aligners and i must say they are a nightmare!! The pain when taking them out, the smell, and some how i've managed to split them, my dentist almost pulled my head off when showing me how to change them,... READ COMMENT