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How to Correct Deep Tear Trough Folds? (photo)

I'm in my late 30's and definitely see the deep tear trough sunken look more and more these days. I feel like I eat well and exercise regularly so overall am in good... READ MORE

filler or blepharoplasty for my tear trough?

My deep tear troughs are starting to really make me self-conscience.  I have been reading the pros and cons of each and am not sure what would be better.  I have... READ MORE

Fillers or Bleph for my Tear Troughs?

My tear troughs are starting to make me self-conscience. I have barely gotten enough courage to consider filler. I don't know if I could see myself having a blepharoplasty... READ MORE

What is the root cause of receding hair above and around my ears? It's not hair loss but more of a very bad hairline. (photo)

Simply put, there is no hair growing above and around my ears. It started years ago but getting worse. I have been managing this situation by making sure the hair above my ears... READ MORE

How can I minimize, reduce or remove deep forehead lines and creases? (Photo)

I'm concerned about the deep lines on my forehead. They seem to be getting deeper and longer as I get older. If I had a full head of hair, I'd welcome the attention to my head,... READ MORE

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It wounds like we live in the same area and I've been thinking of getting the same thing done. I'm a male but have the same sunken tear troughs but mine are much worse than yours in your before pictures. I'm only 38 but this one area... READ COMMENT

Aug2911, did you end up getting this done? And how do you feel about it? I'm also considering it for my tear trough area but am very nervous as this seems to be the trickiest place to get a good, natural look. READ COMMENT