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Great Procedure

This is one of the greatest laser out there that takes care of a lot of problems. It gets rid of ACNE scars, smooths wrinkles and gets rid of pigmentations on the face. The only downside abt it is that I had to take 1 weeks off from work and stay home, because it forms scabs on my entire face,... READ MORE

Worth It - Flushing, NY

I am 32 years old. A recent picture made me decide to get Radiesse for my NLF. First picture is what made me get the injection. 2nd and 3rd pictures were taken 2 hours after injection. The swelling was pretty visible. 4th and 5th pictures were taken 3 days later. All the redness and well went... READ MORE

Botox in Crowsfeet, Well Worth It! - Flushing, NY

Lately I've been noticing 3 fine lines next to my left eye's outer corner when I smile, especially when I have foundation on, and 1 line next to my right eye's outer corner when I smile, so I decided to give botox a try. Dr Cui made 2 injections on each of my crowdfeet and 1 on each side,... READ MORE

A Defined Jaw Line. Flushing, NY

Started from a little over a year ago, I started to feel my face, especially my cheeks dropping. I can feel my cheeks jiggle after I hit a bump, or when I have no facial expression, I can feel my cheeks drooping. I do not like that feeling at all. I researched to see what options there are for... READ MORE

Voluma for Nasal Libia Folds - Flushing, NY

I have really deep nasal libia folds and I was not happy with radiess at all. I had 2 cc of radiess injection in March 2014, and it looked like most of it went away in 2 months! The doctor told me it is still there, but since radiess is injected deep under the muscles, it does not show as much.... READ MORE

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I have not seen drastic results yet, but then again it takes about 3 months to see results anyways. That's why I haven't posted any update after my second ultherapy. READ COMMENT

Thank you felesmala, I only had voluma in my nasal fold this time. The last time I had 2 syringes of voluma, in both of my nasal fold and marionette lines, and it stimulated some of my own collagen in my marionette lines, so I didn't... READ COMMENT

I had ultherapy on my entire face READ COMMENT

Thank you, I did research, that was why I'm very particular about who does what kind of treatment, they need to be trained properly, and with a lot of experience with people with my similar concern and skin type. READ COMMENT

Sorry I kind of slacked off on updating, I'll post monthly pictures! READ COMMENT