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I am in the very first stages of my journey...I have received my initial email and quote. I went and applied for my pass port and I'm about to call to inquire about July dates and what her sx schedules are. I'm intending on staying 2 weeks and once I lock down a date if any of you ladies want to be roomies for first week of July let me know please! Hey ladies,so i purchased my flight this... READ MORE

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1 Yr Post Anchor Lift W/ Implant I Believe my Body Rejected the Suture Material, What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello I'm 1 yr post anchor lift w/implant, My surgeon did a great job but i believe my body rejected the stitches & I'm now left with wide scars. There's even a... READ MORE

Wondering Why Some Doctors Choose Not to Use Percocet After a Tt and Lipo?

If its true and not an option what is? Can Vicodin cause water retention? READ MORE

Rejecting Tummy Tuck Suture?

When I had my first breast lift I believeI my body rejected the suture material and my surgeon used something different the next time around...I'm now going to another surgeon... READ MORE

US Doctors Tummy Tucks Do Not Seem As Shapely As Non US Doctors Why?

In my own personal research, which I of course haven't seen every surgeon's before and after work,I feel that surgeons in the United States will leave you with a flat tummy but... READ MORE

Worried About Tummy Tuck Internal Corset Stitching Sutures?

Hello, I experienced what's called spitting stitches with my breast lift and even had a small infection on one spot. My question is regarding the internal stitching used on the... READ MORE

Still numb and in pain. Is this normal?

I got 2 dental implants put in to the lower left jaw. #30 #31on June 16 I have swelling and pain which I expected but its day 5..still numb and still alot of pain. I have to... READ MORE

Multivitamin before a tummy tuck?

I've been hearing lots of do's and dont's before a tummy tuck surgery. I need to simply know if its ok to take a WOMEN'S ONE A DAY multivitamin? It does have vitamin E 30 iu... READ MORE

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What is MR? I haven't been on here a while im falling behind on the lingo READ COMMENT

Your post is BS and you should be ashamed of yourself for selling out when its costing others pain and suffering...Karma's a mf'r ....what a coincidence that your"post" was a couple days prior to your comment without pictures or much... READ COMMENT

I read your post and a few others regarding this doctor, this is truly criminal and I for one am so glad you took the time to warn us...I looked him up and this is what i found ...HE IS NOT BOARD CERTIFIED!!! "ARTS" wtf?? Plastic... READ COMMENT

Hey Brad will you be posting pics of the tt? Your tummy tuck review is so much more uplifting It's a relief to read someone is having an easier recovery. good luck! READ COMMENT

Im scheduled March 14 I have been on here for a few years commenting and planning and even booked in DR but then decided that wasn't a good move. All throughout this time I have been brave talking and so excited...I am beginning to... READ COMMENT