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Hi DeLawno, I wish you'd place the name of the Rx that your office gave you for bruising which seemed to have been effective so that others would also be able to avail of... It will help if you can also offer help to those who may... READ COMMENT

Great news! I woke up this morning and didn't even think much about it Until I was about to put my contacts in... My mini "bump" seem to have subsided!!! Whooopiiidoooohhhh!!! So, ProblemPreblem, you may still heal and feel... READ COMMENT

Oh, Tampa, the bump is really tiny, and not so visible... I think I am just too conscious, paranoid that people are "staring" at my procedure! LoL!!! You see, i have gotten so used to my natural face that I have put my make-up away and... READ COMMENT

Dear Problems, Problems Am sorry about what's going on with your post-procedural experiences. You must be so frustrated! I really hope your healing happens sooner! Although, let me assure you that you are not alone in your 'slow'... READ COMMENT

Oh Lynn, I also wish I know how to go about this uploading stuff. I would really love to share my before and after pictures to "help ease and comfort" the weary who have had the same procedure we had. Unfortunately, I am not as computer... READ COMMENT