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This is my 12Th day after my deep cos laser. i had my appointment today and doctor touched my skin and said that my skin healed pretty good . But the brown spots from the lasers are still there. (little much clear but still ugly. I... READ COMMENT

Where can i buy the make to cover the red in my face? any store like macys? o can't wait on line it will take longer to get the products...I will start working tomorrow and i dont know how can i go to the store like that? Oh God.. My... READ COMMENT

Skin girl my doctor told me that my skin is healing pretty good. my bruising parts are still red because he used deeper laser there (deepfx) then he used active fx. I saw my face more clear today but still red. He told me to wear make... READ COMMENT

What is arnica? and for what?...i just washed my face again before going to bed, i dont have the brown color but i dont know if my face is red? it is red if different parts of my face more in my cheeks. but i dont like that red or... READ COMMENT

Jaja now you made me laugh.. i decided not to work tomorrow but on Tuesday..i like the make up you worebut you mentioned that "she did it" , who is she (doctor or???) where can i buy that make up. it sounds good.Artist make upwowww i... READ COMMENT