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What to Do for Severe Headache After Dysport Injection & Brow Pexy Surgery?

Had Dysport injection to forehead above brow & between brow a week before upper bleph & brow pexy surgery. This was my first time to have any Botox type injection.... READ MORE

What Else Can Be Done for Upper Blepharplasty Scarring? (photo)

I am almost 8 wks. post op upper bleph & internal brow pexy. Bumpy raised scarring became noticeable shortly after the sutures were removed for the bleph. At 2 weeks my... READ MORE

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From my experience the Dr.'s never want to admit that this is a pretty common side effect. I'm not normally a headache sufferer and after Dysport injections to my forehead I had the most severe headache for 3 weeks. I have never had... READ COMMENT

I had 70 units of Dysport which was injected between the brows & above the brows. I suffered with headaches for 4-6 weeks. The relaxed muscles caused my brow to droop & wrinkles on the sides of my eyes. I felt terrible & looked... READ COMMENT

These things need to be reported to the FDA, the Dr.s & the pharmaceutical companies I think. Good for you! Consumers need to know the full risk so they can make their decision to use the product based on real facts. All I was ever... READ COMMENT

Now on my 28th day after Dysport injections, I'm having moderate to severe headache. Head feels like it is in a vice being squeezed tight. Took a mild muscle relaxer & that hasn't helped. Just took 2 Aleve & hoping for a little... READ COMMENT

I totally agree with you on staying away from this toxic substance. I've only had this injected once about 4 weeks ago & will not do it again. I have been miserable with headaches exactly like you've described. It feels like my head... READ COMMENT