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I am at 12 months - same......strange thoughts and act like someone else. - Essential Fatty Acids help - I noticed during the PMS time it is worse. The EFA helped so much i couldl not tell I had PMS and the mood swings all is so much... READ COMMENT

Yes. It will last longer than a few months. It has been 1 year since my last injection - relaspse can occur or can be aggravated by many things. Our body is in fight/flight mode - trying to kill the invader (botox) spoiled food,... READ COMMENT

Don't do anymore READ COMMENT

The Doctors are getting the studies and information from the pharmacutical companies. Allergan - the studies and warning labels in the boxes change on a regular basis....doctors are not aware. When botox first came out they said it... READ COMMENT

I understand how you feel and have felt the same way. - I believe many of these symptoms appear later and it is never associated with the Botox, many Doctors do not understand because they are unaware and they do not associated it... READ COMMENT