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I don't know what aquaphor is but I have a follow up appointment with my technician in a few days and I'll be ask her if I can put Vitamin E oil on it. I'll let you know. READ COMMENT

Well, it only took about five days for the first set to fall off. By that, I mean, the initial scab which was black with pigment. Immediately after those came off though, a second set formed and then fell off after another three days... READ COMMENT

I did not have Rejuvi; I had a similar procedure called Eliminink. Rejuvi is supposed to be even better than Eliminink as it has a scar inhibitor directly in the serum injected into the skin. I was given a strong antibiotic to put... READ COMMENT

So nice to hear this story. I had my Eliminink procedure done two weeks ago to remove my eyebrow nightmare and I am so happy with the results. I tried to find a certified Rejuvi technician in my area but the only one was a wretchedly... READ COMMENT

Well, from what I could gather researching during the winter, the major difference is this: the serum injected with Rejuvi includes a scar inhibitor whereas with Eliminink, you are to apply (plastic surgery grade) scar inhibitor... READ COMMENT