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54, Fit, and Fabulous - Carmel, IN High Lateral Tension Abdominaplasty New pics!

I have three wonderful children all vertical c-sections with my last baby weighing more than 10lbs. Needless to say my muscles and general abdominal region ain't pretty. I was a stay at home mom and poured all of my time and talents into my family but now I have the time and the freedom to focus on my health. I am extremely overweight but always active. But the last 6 months I've... READ MORE

Questions from sexysoulsister

Will the Breast Appearance Continue to Be Smooth or Will It Distort Around the Lift Scars?

Hi, I have an old vertical c section scar that will be removed as part of a mommy makeover. With a breast lift will the breast shape distort around the scars as with a vertical... READ MORE

I Read That Fat Cells Come Back After Liposuction and Tummy Tuck. Is Weight Loss Harder?

I'm considering a tummy tuck with liposuction. I read the results of a study that the fat cells redistribute after such procedures. My question is do these procedures make... READ MORE

How Do You Determine What is a Good Tummy Tuck?

Hello, I am very interested in the Lockwood procedure and delighted to find publications discussing this procedure often detailing the aesthetic markers surgeons in achieving... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Internal Support Using Sutures, Flaps Etc; What Should I Look For?

Hi, I'm very interested in the breast lift procedures that involve creating an internal bra or support system. Is this a common procedure and are the results as long... READ MORE

Now That I'm Lost Weight I Can Feel my Abs and What Appears to Be Muscle Separation. Is This Possible?

Is it possible for you to describe what I should be feeling and looking for? Also I see all sorts of tummies on the site with different outcomes. I've been told by one surgeon... READ MORE

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Is it easier to gain weight after tummy tuck

Hi, During  my research on tummy tucks and lipo it seems people tend to put the weight back on after lipo and weight loss becomes more difficult. Are tummy... READ MORE

Has anyone had a High Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck w/wo lipo?

Hi, Has anyone had this procedure?  I like the pulled in results and I am curious about the feel of the belly afterwards. Any info appreciated. READ MORE

How do you determine what is a good tummy tuck?

Hi Ladies, In my research of determining what is a good result, I've only recently come across reliable info in regards to what actually are the aesthetics ps try to... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Internal Support Using Sutures, Flaps Etc; What Should I Look For?

Hi ladies, I asked our ps the following question and I'm very interested in your experiences.   Hi, I'm very interested in the breast lift procedures that involve... READ MORE

Can you feel scar tissue in the breast after a lift? Do the scars flatten out and become soft?

I'm considering a lift with a tuck, but I'm curious if the underlying breast tissue remains smooth after a lift since no tissue is removed. Can any of you... READ MORE

Thanks Ladies for your stories!

Some way I found myself on this forum not knowing it ever existed. In my quest to get healthy and get rid of an old vertical c- section scar I have considering a BL and for a... READ MORE

90 day challenge -changing your physic before the tuck!!! A place for diet, exercise, and motivation!!!!

Ok ladies if you haven't started let's come together and support each other to re-shape our bodies before the surgery!!!! I'm in the LEAN phase of the Chalene Extreme and it is... READ MORE

55 and finer women who have had a tt.... Do you ladies feel sexier, rejuvenated after or before the tuck?

Hi Ladies, I am really excited about my upcoming tt. I'm scheduled for Aug 27th and prayerfully that date will hold. I've been reflecting back on my life and it's amazing how... READ MORE

Can any of you ladies feel your muscle separation, If so what does it feel like?

Hi, Since I've been dropping the weight, I can feel what I think may be muscle separation in the upper part of my abs. I still have some fat in that area but mt tummy... READ MORE

Lift chair or hospital bed Any thoughts?

Lift chair $100 and the hospital bed is $185. I'm having a High Tension Lateral tuck on the 27th. Any thoughts? READ MORE

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Hi, Is Dr Slatton still in the area? READ COMMENT

He is a good doc and his work is excellent! I'm thinking of going back in a year to look at my inner thighs. READ COMMENT

Hi and yes I did have a little lipo to help transition the sides and areas under the breast. The lipo does cause a lot of swelling but it's mainly because our vessels, nerves and lymphatic systems are reconnecting. Take plenty of photos... READ COMMENT

In the end I'll have more of a v cut! READ COMMENT

Hi...I'll be 5 months in a few days and I still swell. I am lifting weights and kickboxing so I wear my compression garment which helps to control it ...some what. I'm still numb above and below the incision and this is also where my... READ COMMENT