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Almost 3 weeks post-op, I've heard this is a big week for emotions and geez mine are all over the place. My scar is higher than most women's and pics I've seen unless I search 'high scar' on this site and found a few like mine. My doc... READ COMMENT

Laurielou, I was wondering if your high scar ever rubbed on any of your pants at all? READ COMMENT

Valentine I am 3 weeks post-op TT and my scar is high as well, over an inch above my pubic line. Did yours eventually lower at all by itself? READ COMMENT

I am 5'3" and 100lbs and after my mommy makeover my scar is also closer to my BB than to my pubic hair line. My surgeon did tell me exactly where my scar would be and now part of me is wishing I would've opted for a small vertical scar... READ COMMENT