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33 Yrs., 4 Kids, Married, 5'4", 137 lb, Natrelle 421cc Mod Plus Silicone Unders, Dr. Vitenas - Houston, TX

Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm ready to submit my own story! Let me begin by saying that all the women on this website are incredibly brave to reveal their stories and insecurities, I'm truly inspired by you all! :) I've always been small chested, though I didn't really expect to be busty seeing how my mom was barely an A cup her whole youth, even after kids. I've had 4... READ MORE

Worth the Hideous Peeling Process :) - Houston, TX

I had mine done at a dermatology clinic by an RN and the application process was a breeze. Of course, the burning sensation upon application was uncomfortable but I was given a mini handheld fan to help with that. Definitely nothing unbearable plus I knew what to expect since I'd had a peel before. Moving on, I left the peel on the rest of the day and washed my face the next morning,... READ MORE

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Hey girl how are you!!! It's been a while, everyone kind of went their own way but it sure is nice to hear from you! :) How are you and your 397s doing??? READ COMMENT

I'm so happy I could help!! :D 485cc sounds like a great size, I am sure they will fluff once the muscle relaxes. I was the same way at first and now they are much softer, bigger and comfortable. I'm going on 8 months post op now and... READ COMMENT

Yayyy how awesome!!! So happy for you, I think you will love your mod plus in the 400-500 range!!! I went up several cup sizes with the 421s but they still look totally natural. And thank you!!! I'm still working on losing the weight... READ COMMENT

You are most welcome!!! So happy I could help and I agree with you, we DO need to be happy with ourselves, it's important!! It has been life changing for me and don't regret it one bit :) many hugs and congrats on your procedure!!!! READ COMMENT

Hey Dallas2502!! Sorry for my late reply; well I'll be honest, if I had the choice to have this procedure done again, I would do again in a heartbeat without thinking about it for days and wondering if I'd regret it, cause the truth is... READ COMMENT