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Which Fillers Would be Best for Dark Circles Under Eyes and Facial Volume Loss?

Hi there, Im 26 Spanish girl, and feel like Im rapidly losing facial volume. I have hereditary dark circles now getting darker, complexion is getting darker and duller, with... READ MORE

Should I be Concerned About Getting Fillers From an Aesthetic Nurse at a Reputable Medi-Spa?

Hi there! I understand everyones a dermatologist or a surgeon here. But I wanted everyone's opinion about getting derma fillers from an aesthetic nurse at a reputable... READ MORE

Reaction to Voluma: What Can I Do about Side Effects?

Hi Had Juvederm Voluma put in my cheeks (2ml) . I started having palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue, shortness of breath and horrible headache. I went too 2 hospital... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma Causing Malar Edema, Confused, Help!

Hi! I had juvederm voluma in my cheeks 3 weeks ago. For the first 2 week I had some strange side effects, of palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue and numbness... then suddenly... READ MORE

Uneven Cheeks After Juvederm, When Will it Wear Off and Even Out Again?

Hi! I had juvederm injected in my cheeks, 1 ml in one and 0.9 ml in the other, as 0.1 was injected in my nasalabial fold. However now I have uneven cheeks and when I smile my... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma Left Uneven Cheeks Help?

Hello, I had juvederm voluma injected in my cheeks 1 year ago. Its nearly a year now one side of my face has completely dissolved while the other cheek hasnt? my face looks... READ MORE

Mole Removal from my Face (On my Nose) Via Laser? (photo)

Hello, I have had a mole on my nose since childhood, it was quiet small in size and flat but in the last 5 years had mildly grown in size and to touch felt very mildly felt... READ MORE

Juvederm volift- post injection side effects. Could I have vision problem/ blindness?

I had juvederm volift injected into the nasalabial folds and mid cheek. During procedure the doc ( oculiplastic surgeon ) injected accidentally a little under my eye, and wont... READ MORE

Juvederm volift- side effects?

I had juvederm volift injected into the nasalabial folds and mid cheek. During procedure the doc ( oculiplastic surgeon ) injected accidentally a little under my eye, and wont... READ MORE

Juvederm- nerve damage?

Had juvederm volift injected into my NL folds and mid cheek 1 vial in total.. Doc injected accidentally near eye too..Felt severe eye nerve pressure around left eye area next 3... READ MORE

2 vials Juvederms vo lift no difference?

Hello, I had 1 injection of juvederm volift a week ago and a week later had 1 more.. However after the first injection i noticed a mild improvement but not enough, hence i... READ MORE

Are repeated fillers treatements,a foreign body implant, really safe for long term use without causing any health complications?

What are the long term side effects of fillers (e.g Juvederm/ Restalyne).. In terms of health consequences ( anforeign body implant sitting in your face) and can it's presence... READ MORE

Hard non visible lumps on lips and nasalabialfold persistent despite rest of the filler having dissovled, what could this be?

I got an austrian derma filler named princess injected into my lips and nasalabial folds. Doc said would last 6/9 months.. It's 10 months most of the product has dissolved... READ MORE

Juvederm volift traveled under eye area, advice needed?

Hello, I had juvederm voluma injected in my mid cheek and NL fold region 3 months ago, doc said the juvederm would last up to 12-18 months.. 3 months in the filler seems to... READ MORE

If some Juvederm Volift migrates right under eye, what's the worst that could happen?

Hello, I got some juvederm volift injected im mid cheek and NL folds. However I can feel some filler right under my eye area ( under lashline) what should i do? Whats the worst... READ MORE

What to do if filler isn't dissolving or migrates?

Hello, I had some filler injected in the midcheek area only, however i can feel some filler under my eye area. What shall I do? Could it be dangerous? I cant massage as it's... READ MORE

What shall I do if filler lumps are not dissolving after 15 months?

Hello, I had Princess filler injected into my lips and NL folds over a year ago. All dissolved within 6 months, except a lump on one side of my NL folds and one side of my lip.... READ MORE

What treatements are available for granulomas in the lips? Will it cause future complications?

I had princess filler inject in my lips n NL 2 years ago. Now 2 years later I have 2 lumps that wont go away, whereas as rest of the filler is gone. I went to see my doc he... READ MORE

Do Filler Granulomas go away on their own?

Hi, Had the filler princess injected 2 yrs ago. However left with 2 non visible lumps in lip and NL fold. Doc said to leave them and do nothing as removing would require... READ MORE

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Hi! I had my first filler experince yesterday. I got 2ml of Juvederm voluma in my cheeks. The results look ok, not a big difference, infact on cheek looks plumper then the... READ MORE

After 12 months one side lost volume other still puffy! help any ideas? or your experience?

Ive had juvederm 12 months ago, and one cheeks worn of while the other still full, my eyes look disproportionate because of it ... any similar experinces, I dont want to inject... READ MORE

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Hi Megan yes i do tend to sleep on my sides, and mostly on the side i lost volume on. However the other side since i initally got the juvederm had looked more puffier compared to this side. READ COMMENT

No max, only had juvederm voluma in my 27 years old and had recently lost some weight that made my cheeks gaunt, so decided to get the filler...this was also my first experience, and now probably I would never repeat READ COMMENT

Hi Max! thank you so much for your reply! READ COMMENT

Hi! I had 2ml juvederm voluma injected in my cheeks and had an allergic reaction to it! I am completely traumatised! Had palpitations, extreme muscle fatigue, and shortness of breath!...Im 27 and had it done for my engagement in 2 weeks... READ COMMENT

Hi guys! I had my first fillers ever 2 days ago(2ml juvederm voluma in cheeks)...but I have been having a headache ever since, blurry vision and fatigue...did anyone feel that way, also I read in the above comments about the juvederm... READ COMMENT