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Sounds like poor technique: too much, too close to the surface of the skin. Don't get dermal fillers done by anybody - shop around and get client references before making a choice! READ COMMENT

Alicia, Sounds like the doctor put in too much. The doctor and the skill with injections is SO important!!! It will go away and diminish with time. READ COMMENT

Teosyal lasted in my nasolabial folds for over one year. I'm not yet ready for more. I had my last injections of Teosyal "Kiss" (lips) in Aug. 2008. It's still there, but I expect I'll need more by Aug. 2009. I'm living in the US... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with the product. I wonder if under-the-eye injections work well, and maybe that is the problem, rather than the product. I don't think they last long, with any product, from what I have... READ COMMENT