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I just got back from my 3 month appointment and my scar on my right hip is flat but wide so my PS said to come back at 6m post op and if its not more narrow and healed (less red) he will do a scar revision, I love my PS. READ COMMENT

Im pretty much experiencing the exact same things you are to add to it I find my scars on the middle of my hips to be quite thick, I will ask my doctor at my 3 month post op tomorrow. I haven't done anything to my belly button but it... READ COMMENT

Im not sore anywhere and I think I have all of my energy back, I try to exercise 4 times a week but Im still snacking too much and Im up 4lbs and I swear its all in my belly, looks poofy. READ COMMENT

I haven't worn anything day, night or to work out for a few weeks and I have been pretty good with minimal swelling, however I went shopping for a couple hours wearing fitted jeans last night and when I got home I was pretty swollen... READ COMMENT

Your pics are amazing, you look fantastic! READ COMMENT