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Lower Blepharoplasty - Des Moines, IA

So far everything is going as planned considering i try to be as patient as possible. I posted a question about being 5wks post bleph and assymetrical. So far i received some shots for swelling/bumpiness around incisions and about 3 days after those i saw a huge improvement. I just have to keep from freaking out. MY doctor is excellant and has been supportive thruout and since the surgery. I... READ MORE

Questions from gkg

5 wks Post Lower Bleph the Lids are Asymmetrical. Will This Change? (photo)

My right eye was always a little worse than the left. he told me he put some fat into the left eye because the wall was so thin.not sure he did it to both eyes or to wrong one... READ MORE

My Eyes Hurt After Lower Bleph and Have Headaches. Will This Go Away?

My eyes and area around them ache also. i've had to take some left over pain meds to help. i'm just about 7 wks post op from lower bleph. my eyes look like racoons too.... READ MORE

I Have Indents by the Outside of my Incision 2.5 Mo's After Lower Bleph. Circles Are Darker. Should I Worry? (photo)

Lower bleph done 10-14-11.So as swelling decreases, the line where my cheek meets my lower lid is getting worse. Went in on Nov. 17 and was given shots for inflammation &... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Ok to Use After Lower Bleph to Raise Cheeks to Fill in Tear Troughs and Correct Asymmetry? (photo)

My dr. wants to use radiesse filler after my lower bleph has left indents between myeyelids and cheek and they seem more assymetrical than ever. what is your opinion of... READ MORE

9 Months Post Lower Bleph, Got Radiesse Shots in Cheeks, More in the Right. Will Bruising Go Away? (photo)

Lower bleph done 10/14/2012. Left my right lid very assymetrical and dented in. The lines(tear troughs) were more pronounced than before and there was a dark bruise on lower... READ MORE

After 2nd Shot for Radiesse, my Tear Trough Area Looks Smaller on Right Eye Than Left. Anything I Can Do? (photo)

He put me on a metpro pac and Rx cream for inflammation due to red bruise discoloration where he put radiesse on Right eye. Now area between right lower lid and cheek (tear... READ MORE

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Just a correction its been 2 yrs & 2 months since the lower bleph. Sorry about that. READ COMMENT

Its been 1 years since my lower bleph. I should upload a photo. I have had fillers added, the last one in oct. My eyes are looking better. It is a long process & the fillers are pretty common after the surgery. I was supposed to go... READ COMMENT

No i did not. He wanted to try this 1st because he knew only about 20% would remain. He has been very conservative which i'm grateful for. I think he feels the Right eye should go down some after 3 months which will be in Nov. Its... READ COMMENT

Hi and thanks for the info. i plan to have radiesse filler injected in cheek area which my dr, says will help the line between lower lid and cheek. plus he says its helps your own body produce collagen over time. he says that it... READ COMMENT

Its almost been 4mo's post op and things are getting better. The little dents i had were due to cortizone shots he gave me for swelling a month after surgery. He said they will go away on there own and they are looking better than... READ COMMENT