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Need Advise on Bluish Nasal Tip After Repeated Rhinoplasties, Options?

The tip of my nose often has a bluish color to it, and this becomes much worse when I get cold. Presently there is a graft in my tip. I have also already had four rhinoplasties... READ MORE

Can I Get Unwanted Tip Graft and Strut Removed?

Six months ago I had an open revision rhinoplasty to narrow my bridge and remove scar tissue from my tip. During my surgery, the surgeon added a strut and a tip graft, both of... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, What Does Resorption of Grafts Mean?

In regards to rhinoplasty, what does resorption of grafts mean? I have a cartilage tip graft and strut, and how would I know if they were resorbed or not? READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty Expert Sought in Boston Area.

I am in search of a revision rhinopasty expert in the Boston area. I would like someone who is board certified in plastic surgery and someone with a good sense of aesthetics.... READ MORE

Can Nasal Tip Graft Be Removed Under Local Anesthesia?

I had an open rhinoplasty a year ago to slim my nose and my doctor decided to also add a strut and tip graft (taken from septum) that we never discussed and I never agreed to.... READ MORE

I Would Like to Shorten or Remove my Strut Graft. Is This Simple to Do? Can It Be Done Using a Closed Procedure?

Two years ago I had an open rhinoplasty and my doctor gave me a strut graft that extended my tip out 4mm beyond my original length, and now I am left with too much projection,... READ MORE

Will Waiting Five Years After Multiple Rhinoplasties Make Raising Skin Flap of Nose Easier?

I realize that it gets increasingly difficult to raise the skin flap from the nose after many previous surgeries. I was wondering if someone who has had many previous nose... READ MORE

Nasal Tip Too Bulky and Wide After Graft

Two years ago, my doctor added a tip cartilage graft to my nose which added width and bulk to the tip. If I get the tip graft removed, would my tip shrink back down to the size... READ MORE

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Looking for revision rhinoplasty doctor in Boston, MA?

Has anyone had first-hand experience of a good rhino-revision doctor in Boston, MA? thanks READ MORE

Has anyone ever used either dermabrasion or laser resurfacing to diminish an external rhinoplasty scar?

I have a 6-7mm long scar along the side of my nose from a previous rhinoplasty. Has anyone had experience getting dermabrasion or laser resurfacing done to diminish the... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a strut graft removed or shortened? Did you have a good outcome?

During my last rhinoplasty, my doctor gave me a strut graft that extended out 4mm beyond my original length, and now I am left with too much projection, and a "point" that I... READ MORE

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First off, clearly this doctor is never going to admit to his mistakes, it has been 6-7 years now. So you need to stop wasting your time with him and find a new surgeon who can actually help you. READ COMMENT

Did you get all of your grafts removed? How did everything turn out? READ COMMENT

My surgery was not in NYC, when you get everything out your nose will be flexible again. I had everything removed 1.5 years ago. READ COMMENT

If they let you remove everything at 3 months, that's great. Trust me, I would have preferred that over 6 months, but my doctor refused to remove the grafts until I was 6 months post-op, so I had to wait. I had to get everything out... READ COMMENT

I did, they made me wait 6 months before removing everything though. READ COMMENT