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Is Discoloration Normal After 5 Years? - Vancouver, BC

Hi , I had two breast augmentations back in 2012 ..I had Inspira Ssx 695g implanted second time round and am very happy with the results ..However I have noticed lately the discoloration near and around the scar area sometimes a litte above the scar around side of the nipple /...It sometimes comes and goes ...Is it normal to have such coloration so long after the procedure and could cold... READ MORE

Breast Increase Revision. Vancouver, BC

Hi , Based on reviews here I went in for a consultation for a breast revision with Dr Seals over a week ago looking to increase my current size and to change also a few things ....I was happy to hear that he had been mentored by my previous doctor ,Dr Thompson who did an excellent job with both BA I had done ...I found Dr Seals to be very pleasant, , helpful and well informed about he... READ MORE

Questions from Kittling

Will my Breasts Ever Look Normal? 1 Week Post-Op Breast Implants They're Really High.

Im 5"4 115 lbs i am 9 days post op and am still traumatized ...i recieved a 492 cc midrange silicone gel breast implant under the muscle .. .My implant is rather high and... READ MORE

After Juvederm, how do I distinguish between the product and abnormal swelling? (photo)

Hello I Had  Juvederm Lip Injections 3 Days Ago. and also had dental block for the precedure as well..ive noticed that there is quite some swelling between the lip and... READ MORE

What Implant Profile Will Give Me a Bigger Fuller Look?

Hello, I had my first breast augmentation last year but am very unhappy with the size result.. however my doctor did an excellent job otherwise..My goal was to stop wearing a... READ MORE

Would of an Extra 100cc Make a Difference in Cup Size?

Hello, Thankyou for all the feedback I recieved on my previous questions they were very helpful...... I had another successful BA recently I went from 492cc mid range profile... READ MORE

Do High Profiles Implants Drop? (photo)

Hello , I had my second BA Augmentation operation coming up 7 months ago.... Although Im extremly happy with the result( I have 695 cc high profile silicone implants ) I was... READ MORE

Recent comments from Kittling

Yes I have heard fillers are one way of getting rid of these nuisance things ..yours look great ..:) it says Canadian dollars did you get them in Canada ?and if so where ? READ COMMENT

Yes lol Canadians doctors Ive found do like to stay away from bigger implants I have dealt with ..I think they feel it safer to go little smaller .I wasn't happy at all with my first set I went way bigger second BA.. ....My doctor... READ COMMENT

Oh ok ....yes I know me too thanks :) READ COMMENT

I went to the doctor today and she said nothing to worry about comes and goes especially in the cold weather ..I had two within the same year ..I had 492 mid range first time round then went to 695 high profile ......I am very... READ COMMENT

Oh where is your discoloration at ? READ COMMENT