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Resolve One Issue, New Issues Created - Houston, TX

Well, I picked a 'top doc,' but he doesn't really like when you ask him questions... Kinda his way or the highway it seems. Anyway, I had a projected nose with a bump... Got rid of that, but now there is 1. A huge indention at the base of my left nostril. 2. Seems like the tip is elevated (piggish) 3. Seems swooped up 4. Has gotten wide/fat from the front. Many... READ MORE

Questions from thathoustonguy

Do I Need a Rhinoplasty with a Chin Implant, Nostril Reduction and Nasal Spine Removal? (photo)

I have had various opinions and can't figure out what to do. Based on my profile, which of the following might I need? * Chin implant * Nasal spine (bone) removed (mine is... READ MORE

Estimated Chin Implant Recovery Time?

I searched the internet about getting a chin implant and all I seem to see are bad experiences and horror stories. Or, is it mostly just unhappy people that flock to those... READ MORE

Getting Nasal Spine Removed, Should id Not be Messed with? (photo)

What percentage of people have to get some or all of their nasal spine removed? I had a consultation with one of the top Texas plastic surgeons and he said he doesn't like... READ MORE

How do you Remove Curve Under Nose? (photo)

Is that curve under the nose bone or cartilage? A pre-op doctor told me that no bone (nasal spine I suppose) needs to be removed... But how do you get rid of this? I don't... READ MORE

Should I Get a Chin Implant or Get Radanese Chin Injections? (photo)

I am undergoing rhinoplasty in January which I am excited about. I have also been given the option of a chin implant, but I saw on The Doctors TV show a lady getting 2 syringes... READ MORE

Should I Have my Inferior Turbinates - Bilateral Reduced?

My rhinoplasty surgeon is going to charge $2800 extra to reduce the inferior turbinates to help with breathing. I am already getting him to fix my deviated septum which is the... READ MORE

Will a Small Chin Implant Be Very Noticeable? (photo)

I'm getting a rhinoplasty, which I'm thinking people I know will indeed notice... but, they know I'm getting 'deviated septum surgery' which I can use to... READ MORE

Indentation in Bottom of Nostril, Left After Rhinoplasty, Why is This? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty a month ago and there is a huge indention in the nostril base on the left side. It makes my profile from the left look much worse than the right... Even if... READ MORE

Options For Nose That is Still Too Wide/fat After a Year? (photo)

Just after rhinoplasty my nose is fat, of course... But a couple things were done that will still make it wider permanently... This bridge was flattened... and, the tip was... READ MORE

Chin... Size 1 Vs. Size 2 For Male Looking To Keep The Procedure a Secret. (photo)

I live in a conservative place where I can tell people I had a deviated septum to get away with the rhinoplasty. But, if people knew I had a chin implant, I'd literally... READ MORE

What Techniques Were Used In This Patrick Dempsy Rhinoplasty? (photo)

It may not be good to ask about a celebrity, but Patrick Dempsy had a wide nose before rhinoplasty... You may be able to see by doing a Google search. Now, his nose looks... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Have More Control over Chin Implant Procedure? Can I See It During Surgery? (photo)

I'd like to have an - Internally placed chin implant.. to have no scars - Be able to see it be placed while in the operating room... so I can see that I like it. - Have a... READ MORE

Is a Revision Rhinoplasty Worth It? (photo)

I just had a rhinoplasty a month ago. Too early to judge I know, but my nose is still very big from the profile, and I do not see that changing since that's not going to... READ MORE

Unhappy With Naso-labial Angle Post Rhinoplasty. Would a Revision or Chin Implant Be My Best Bet To Correct This Look? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 2 months ago. The naso-labial angle is well above 90-95 degrees. I attached before and after images. If it does not come down significantly, would it be more... READ MORE

Lowering the Tip Without Making it Longer?

Is it possible to lower the tip of the nose without making it longer? It seems that extending it would naturally do that, thus making the nose even larger than it is.... I... READ MORE

Reduce Gap Between Upper Lip and Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I went in to have a rhinoplasty in January... My profile was improved trendously,but from the front, I look much worse. There is now a huge gap between my nose and my upper lip... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty to Improve Frontal View? (photo)

About 8 months ago I underwent a rhinoplasty to improve the Profile view of my face... Deprojection, Nasal hump reduction, reducing nasal spine. The profile is better, but the... READ MORE

Recent comments from thathoustonguy

He's a top doc as far as his reputation at large. Probably why it's his way or the highway. If I were many of you, I'd advise alar base reduction as well if he is 'deprojecting' your nose... It'll make your nose fatter if you don't... READ COMMENT