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Disappointing Results - Springfield, AU

I've always had big arms, even when I had lost weight. With age they have become flabby despite regular gym sessions. I initially signed up for 8 sessions but was disappointed by the results so agreed to another 4 sessions. There were some changes, but they were very subtle. I cannot say what the inch loss was as I was never told despite being measured on weeks 2, 5 and 12. The laser pads... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Ipswich, QLD

I had considered having this done for many years but never had the courage. I am 52 and had heavy hooding of my right eye and slight hooding of my left. My surgeon offered me the option of having it done under local aneasthetic which saved approx $2,000. After the initial injections around the eye area which were painful but quick, I did not feel a thing. The surgeon made the incisions from... READ MORE

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The pads on my groin were small rounds pads which were placed there on my lymph glands to help my system flush the fat away. They would have been put there regardless of whether I had arms, waist or legs done. The first 9 sessions they... READ COMMENT

You were luck to have a sedative. It wasn't offered to me. I did take a valium an hour beforehand but can't say it had much affect. I was still terrified! The slight swelling under the eyes took about 2 months to go completely. It... READ COMMENT

Thanks tabithanash. Once the injections had been done it wasn't too bad and if I had to do it again it would be local aneasthetic. It's hard to find a before photo as I avoided having my picture taken but will upload one soon as well... READ COMMENT