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I feel like that in my lower stomach.. why do not let this happen? I massaged and never fully went away. It is not noticeable or bothersome. READ COMMENT

I had lumps and hardness... if that's what u mean. It will look worse before it gets better! It took a good 3 months for full results, after that no change. I do need to go back... I just do not if I want to go thru the pain again. I'm... READ COMMENT

I wore my contour for months. I am very satisfied so far with results, no it is not completly flat, and I am going to go back in and do another procedure, but my upper stomach is flat, it is my lower stomach that needs some more work.... READ COMMENT

It does not help-just get the massages after! I had this done on Nov 9th-and I am still hard in spots and not completly 100% results-but I am VERY happy with my results thus far. My stomach is not pretty but it looks so much better with... READ COMMENT

Thank you!Yes, I have come to terms it is not going to be a quick fix! Did most of your swelling go down my week 4? I saw my dr this evening and he said everything looks great and my lower part of my stomach is more swollen and does not... READ COMMENT