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I you are considering pmma please, don't do it !! READ COMMENT

I would NOT recommend the kenalog injection, I ended up with long term complications, as if the lump was not bad enough. The steroid may damage healthy tissue too. I do not have a solution for you and do not know what the long term... READ COMMENT

I had New Plastic (Brazil) Artefill is much purer but also much more expensive. READ COMMENT

Thanks Barbara, I am at 3wks with no issues so far.. http://escholarship.org/uc/item/4s59v3pv p384 "The steroid must be injected strictly into the nodule while guiding the needle tip back and forth. Corticosteroids... READ COMMENT

Barbara, Dr L said to make sure the kenalog stays inside the nodule (ie do not massage or over inject) as it will limit atrophy. I also feel Dr C is very kind and well intentioned. best wishes. READ COMMENT