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Athletic Mom of Young Kids - Updated Info about The TT Hole

From the time I was young, I have always had a rounder belly and bigger stature, despite being athletic. Now that I have lost my baby weight, I feel more pressure to wear clothes more fitting my age and active lifestyle. When I wear these clothes I feel uncomfortable about my shape, so I am going to take charge of my body. I am also scared of the large pregnant belly my mother has, despite her... READ MORE

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Hello. I am so excited for you. I know this time is usually the most difficult, so try to get someone to tell you a decent joke. Not a great one, cause laughing can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I just can't think of any right... READ COMMENT

Hi there. I was directed to your blog a couple of days ago, and I also read the ones you recommended. Thank you so much. I am still worried, but it helps to know that others have gone through this, and are on the mend. You are right... READ COMMENT

Oh no. I've always had a fat and now fat and muscular booty and thighs. I wanted the doc to sculpt them, but she didn't cause she wanted to keep my procedure to 5 hours, and she didn't think I'd see much benefit...yet. I swear she... READ COMMENT

Great news that you are going through with this. I was also more scared about the tummy tuck part. I'm now 12 days post op, and moving better than I had imagined. I occasionally take Tylenol, but otherwise use no pain meds. I'll... READ COMMENT

You look fabulous! I love what you did with your booty. And I love your attitude during recovery. From the tone of your posts, it almost seems like you can run already. Keep up the good work. READ COMMENT