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I would like to know as well, but looking back at the many requests for this, it doesn't look like she is willing to provide it. If you find out, please let us know here. TIA READ COMMENT

Hi guys....Just wanted to let you know I did have a consult, and found out that this treatment is VERY similar to SMARTLIPO... - the difference is, they don't "suck" any fat out, and the tip of the device is side firing, so that they... READ COMMENT

Pain? I am thinking about Thermage after BAD stomach lipo.....but am incredibly weary of the pain factor...however, in over for any results, the collagen HAS to be heated to at least 113 degrees F (minimal)... in order for any reaction... READ COMMENT

Josie Anne....can you tell us more about the ACTUAL experience and the pain involved, during and after? And the actual recovery time? Thanks READ COMMENT

Hi everone...Please check out the new procedure that was FDA approved at the end of February...It is called CELULAZE...there is already a forum on her regarding this treatment. It just may be our answer! Let me know what you think..... READ COMMENT