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Is Adding Another Procedure on Surgery Day W/O Consultation Considered Sneaky?

I had a consultation with a surgeon near me for a nose surgery and the operation is scheduled in a month. I recently decided I would also like cheek implants and I rather not... READ MORE

Is a Narrow Arched Palate a Cause of Nasolabial Folds in Very Young People?

I am 22 years old and I have nasolabial folds I remember having into my teens, as long as I can remember. I can see they are not surface wrinkles and definitely not a cause of... READ MORE

Does This Mole Look Be to Melanoma or Dysplastic Nevus? (photo)

My brother recently informed me he developed a new tiny mole (the size of a sesame seed) 1 month ago and he is wondering if it looks like melanoma or dysplastic nevus. He's... READ MORE

Does Radix Reduction Require a Very Specialized Surgeon? (photo)

I've seen cases that use cartilage to build up the nose bridge, but I have not yet found cases reducing the radix, only the dorsal region. I have a Grecian/Roman type nose... READ MORE

Is Reducing Molars by 2-2.5mm Possible?

What I really mean is - is it safe, and is it done? I'm wanting to reduce a skeletal anterior open bite that is causing a 4-5mm lip gap when the back teeth touch. Can this be... READ MORE

Can an enduragen graft be used alone to narrow eyes on the outer corners?

If one has droopy eyes, rounded on the outer corners, can enduragen be placed under the lower eyelid without further eye surgery to create almond, narrower eyes? READ MORE

How can TMJ treatment nonsurgically correct a retruded jaw (lower teeth set too far back)?

I hear it can be done, but I am curious as to how? Is the HERBST device the only nonsurgical solution? Thank you. READ MORE

Medpor chin implant - removal vs. shaving? (3+ years) And which results in less swelling?

Hi, I had a Medpor medium chin implant placed around 3.5 years ago. I loved it and I love it now, but I am now receiving appliances that will bring my jaw at least 5mm forward... READ MORE

Does slight upper jaw advancement in jaw surgery rotate the nose tip upward?

I have an open bite, but I will also be getting my upper jaw (top row of teeth) moved forward to a small degree if I have surgery. My question is will this push my nose upward... READ MORE

Permanent solution for deep folds in young person? (photos)

I have deep paranasal creases, not nasolabial wrinkles. These are deep depressions from my skeleton being recessed. They make me look harsh. Can permanent fillers treat this? I... READ MORE