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IPL Facial Worth It? Not Sure. Shelton, CT

I've noticed some things on my face that I've been covering up with BB or CC cream. I was interested getting remove of them. Things like sunspots, a few freckles, red spots, broken capillaries, a small vein, enlarged pores...No one product takes care of them all but I've been reading about the IPL facials lately and it seems to target many of my problems. The med spa I've gone to in the past... READ MORE

Great for the Neck - Shelton, CT

My neck is beginning to show my age…far beyond what my face was saying. For that reason I can’t stand selfies because they show my neck wrinkles and sagging. I won’t wear turtle necks because they accentuate, rather than disguise, the saggy areas below my chin. I heard that Venus Freeze works well for necks so I decided to give it a try. The price was relatively inexpensive. I paid... READ MORE

So Happy with Results - Branford, CT

Cost shown is with a special that was going on - the approximate price of the non-discounted treatment I received is $700. I have been saving up to get some non-surgical work done on my face. I feel that overall I just look tired and droopy. I have deep lines between my brows and deep horizontal lines at the corners of my mouth. I was thinking about the CO2 laser although not happy about... READ MORE

Questions from metalmaiden

Discoloration of Skin in Area of Injections - Botox & Juvederm Combination

8 weeks ago I had my 1st treatment.Botox with a tiny bit of Juvederm for the "11s" between my brows.Also fillers at the corners of my mouth, chin fold and a touch in... READ MORE

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It's been 3 years out from my treatment and I still see the results of this procedure and am so very happy. READ COMMENT

Had my second treatment approximately 9 months after my first. Dysport was used this time. No headache at all this time! I feel great. No side effects! READ COMMENT

My headache did in fact go away and not too long after this post. I think it was a couple things---I am (was) a squinter and forehead crinkler. My body wanted to do what its been doing for all my life and was unable to do so there was... READ COMMENT

I was told that I would continue to see improvement for 6 months. Sounded unbelieveable but it is true. I looked great at first but there was some adema that plumped up my skin so when that subsided I was worried that the results I... READ COMMENT

It's been 5 months now and I am extremely happy with the results! READ COMMENT