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I used Dr. Melmed in Dallas, TX. He did not do a capsulectomy, but got as much as he could. I had drains for 24 hours after surgery. I still have Raynaud's. However, with implants, I would have up to 10 episodes a day. Now, I may... READ COMMENT

You could be having an allergic reaction to one of the 36 chemicals found in the shell of the implant. READ COMMENT

I had saline implants for 11 years. I developed Raynaud's and Scleroderma (both autoimmune diseases). On the papers I had to sign before getting the implants, I had to check off where it says the implants MAY, but not likely, cause... READ COMMENT

I had saline implants for 11 years. After getting the implants, I began to have heart palpitations, fatigue, ringing in ears, hearing loss, weight gain, water retention, would say wrong words, insomnia, blurred vision, sensitivity to... READ COMMENT