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Honestly you just have to have a high tolerance for pain. It hurt like hell but it was worth it. You just have to honestly talk yourself out of taking it off when the pain becomes unbearable. READ COMMENT

@ jojo glad to know that things worked out for you as well and the keloid has not returned. It has been about 2 weeks since I removed mines and it's healing but I would not even attempt to put another earring back in to avoid the keloid... READ COMMENT

Oh by the way stack up on pain killers!! It helped but the pain was still almost unbearable. U definitely don't want to stop once u start. The first few days plan to be in environment where u can relax like home, etc. The pain can be so... READ COMMENT

While the site is real and information is provided by ordinary peopl just like you and me. I really can't give you any advice in your situation but I'm glad to report that the string or rubberband method does work! ;) I'm still in the... READ COMMENT

Initially I used a hair tie...goody's luckless hair tie to be exact. I figured the texture would help to ease the pain compared to a rubberband which may irritate your skin more and make your skin feel raw from cutting into it too much.... READ COMMENT