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Upper Eyelid Surgery -Ottawa, Ontario

Hi everyone. I am going to have my upper Bleph this Friday. I am soo nervous. Have had hooded eyes my entire life. Finally decided to do it. My surgeon is an Occuloplastic surgeon and hoping it all goes well....I will post pictures as I go along. Reading the reviews I see that there are many positive but some negative...this will be my first experience with surgery. Love botox and... READ MORE

Thermage Eye Very Painful - Ottawa

Just had it done today, so will only notice results in a few weeks/months. I did thermage eyes for hooding and droopiness. I am forty so decided I wasn't ready for surgery. I had read all the negative reviews along with some positive. After speaking with my physician decided to go ahead. I was not expecting any pain. I must say, it was. After placing the drops to numb the eye, she placed... READ MORE

Fraxel and Fraxel Dual - Ottawa, ON

Last year I had five fraxel treatments. Most of my fine lines and crows feet have disappeared. My doctor recommended I have one fraxel/year to keep up the collagen production. I just had a fraxel dual tonight. It is not as deep a tx, but will remove my dark spots and treat small wrinkles as well. I have just turned forty, and have nicer skin now than I did when I was thirty! I think it is... READ MORE

I'm 37 and didn't like the amount of wrinkles I already had. - Botox Works - Canada

I've had botox for crows feet and upper lip lines three times now.  I'm 37 and didn't like the amount of wrinkles I already had.  I love it! It works wonders on the crows feet. You have to go to a reputable doctor that has a lot of experience.  There's no down time, and results last about 4-5 months, but eventually will last longer and will be able to space out tx's. Good luck! READ MORE

Fraxel First Treatment Review

Just had first fraxel four days's my scoop. The doctor covered my face with a freezing jel..I waited an hour and then had the treatment. Pain wasn't half as bad as I expected by reading reviews here. I'd say about 4/10. Some areas were more sensitive than others, and the closer she got to the hairline the more it hurt. I had fraxel re-store. Apparently re-pair is much more... READ MORE

Questions from sandy37

I Am Forty and Had Thermage Eye Done Yesterday. Protective Disks Were Not Inserted for Entire Procedure. What Are the Risks?

I had thermage eye done yesterday. My physician had a difficult time inserting the protective eye disks. She had to perform the proceedure with it partially in, and even then... READ MORE

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Thank you for your kind words. I am very pleased with my result. I cannot wait to see your pictures with your sutures out! What a relief to have them out! I still have some tingling on the suture line, but this is normal and should... READ COMMENT

I told some people, not all. I want to see if anyone that knows me well even notices. I hope they do but not too much. Mind you I really don't care what anyone says! I'm so happy I did this. I have really hated my hooded eyes since... READ COMMENT

I just used lots of icing and topical arnica, as well as oral arnica. I took Bromelain for the swelling. Not sure if these help, but my surgeon says some people swear by them and he said I could go ahead and give them a try. Good... READ COMMENT

Hi there! I also found an amazing concealer...Benefit makes erase paste that really does erase..thank goodness, don't want to scare too many small children on the street with my crazy Frankenstein look! READ COMMENT

Good morning (afternoon!). How are you feeling on day three? Hope you're managing some rest! Take care, happy healing! READ COMMENT