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Hummmmmm, Id say about 6 months after my last dysport injection. I switched back to botox to see if there was a link. All side effects slowly subsided. READ COMMENT

Happy to report all my symptoms are gone if this offers any encouragement. Have no issues with Botox. Dysport was a bad experience. Welts, lupus symptoms, flu like reaction,vertigo, and medical expense. I feel no fault to the Dr.s... READ COMMENT

Glad you took photo's. I can for sure see a difference. I had Ultherapy done on my total face and neck. Did it hurt? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes. I had 4 advil's before the procedure. That's it. Now they are recommending nerve... READ COMMENT

Dysport for me is a don't. I finally linked it all together. Flu like symptoms. Traveling rash that started on left knee, made it's way up total left side of body, crossed over to right side, and down. Finally stopped mid-trunk. This... READ COMMENT

I have also had strange "traveling welts" since I began dysport. Have been to GP and then referred to a specialist. Thought I had lupus, etc. All testing came back clear. Areas hurt like a deep bruise, then itch for 2 day's and... READ COMMENT