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How Much Can TE's Be Filled Beyond Their CC Amount?

I had a skin sparing BM . My TE's are filled to 550cc's. I want full C's. I am 5' 6, 120 lbs. My chest is 32 although I wear a 36" bra. The dr said I need... READ MORE

After Exchange Surgery Do You Have to Wear a Bra?

I had S/P BM with alloderm. I know that after the exchange surgery I will have to wear a bra for several months. I'm wondering about long term. I want to make an informed... READ MORE

How Do I Choose Ideal CC Amount for Breast Reconstruction?

I had a skin sparing BM. I want full C'c. My TE's are filled to 575cc's now. I need 100 over what ever size I pick. I'm trying to decide between 550 or 600. I... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Ask my Surgeon Before my Exchange Surgery?

I had a double mast, I have expanders in now. I have a consult to go over the next surgery to put in the silcone implants. I will discuss size, and projection. I have heard... READ MORE

During Breast Reconstruction is it Normal to do the Nipples the Same Time as the Implants?

My ps does the nipples at the same time of the exchange surgery, from the expanders to the silicone implants. Is this ok? I know my surgeon has a great reputation, but I've... READ MORE

My Chin Has Never Been Refined, What Are My Options To Change This?

I'm 49, 5'6',120 lbs. I am having my final breast cancer surgery soon. As a bonus I would like to do my eyes and chin. The dr said he could see my muscles stretch... READ MORE

Will the Lumps Bumps and Tightness Go Away?

I'm one month out from a facelift w/ neck lift. I see a small improvement in my chin (from before surgery) but not back closer to my neck. It still looks like my jaw and... READ MORE

My Ear Canals Feel Weird After Surgery, Will This Go Away?

One month after facelift/ neck lift surgery my ears are very uncomfortable. My right ear is worse the tragus (sp?) is tight sort of pushed in a bit. I have to open it to even... READ MORE

I Have a Line in One Cheek 1 Month PO-Will This Go Away?

One month out from facelift/ neck lift my left cheek has a line, something under the skin is being pulled tighter than the rest perhaps a muscle or ligament (I am not sure).... READ MORE