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2 Weeks Post FAMI - England

Male 49 years old. I just had full face FAMI carried out in London by the Dr mentioned on here, I couldn't find any BAD info on this procedure either, prior to my operation, UNTIL NOW!! WOW, I am a little shocked to say the least, if I believe what has been posted on this site I COULD have problems here!! My face was grossly swollen after the op, it actually got so bad my eyes... READ MORE

Questions from simba454

Can Fat Injected in to the Face Start to Disburse As Early As 2 Weeks?

I had fat injected into my face,when the swelling started to go down around 12 days I noticed a crease below my left eye top of cheek, it looks like the surgeon missed that... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Under Both Eyes

I had this done under both eye's 1 1/2 yrs ago and the H filler looks like bags under my eye's, it hasen't disolved as I was told it would after a year and I want... READ MORE

52 yr old keloid scarring on body through cystic acne, old scarring and new.

I have had laser treatment over last 7 yrs on old and new scarring, does not seem to make it worse but keloids come back as before, looking at having some removed if possible.... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for keloid treatment? (photos)

53 yrs old cystic acne on back shoulders and chest (roaccutane cured it 1 1/2 yrs ago) some hot small like keloids maybe 6-7 in all, looking for a doctor who could remove these... READ MORE

Any suggestions for keloid surgical removal? (photos)

Suffered cystic acne to back area, then keloids, I have approx 7 and some sunken pit marks also, Looking for keloid removal to back area, had pulse dye laser in past to... READ MORE

Small acne keloid removal

OK this is my third question on this subject, I am looking for a consultation with a UK surgeon that can possibly advise and treat small cystic acne keloid scarring on my... READ MORE