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Same exact story. Guy had been chasing me for years. Finally got the courage to have him over. Not good. He was like, "i got a buddy I could maybe set you up with" READ COMMENT

Mine put it every damn spot on my face, including burying my eyes, brow bone, orbital socket, below the eyes, on the temples, between the eyebrows, cheek bones, and 50 minutes! What an effing disaster! He was angry and awful... READ COMMENT

It's six years later and the emotional and social scars that Mark Berman left on me have changed my life. The man did what he wanted in contrast to what Inspecifically instructed him not to. He covered my large eyes with so much fat... READ COMMENT

Even with larger, where your breasts naturally would fall, because you are so tall, it is unlikely you will have the cleavage that you imagined. Smaller real estate, more smush. One week post op. Stop driving yourself crazy. They look... READ COMMENT