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MOHs Surgery Vs Surgical Excision for Non-face BCC While Pregnant?

I had a biopsy done for a 6.6mm mole on the right side of my abdomen and it came back as basal cell carcinoma. I am four months pregnant and trying to schedule and appointment... READ MORE

Is a Punch Biopsy Enough for a Dysplastic Nervus with Moderate Atypia?

I had a punch biopsy done to remove a mole from my leg. The diagnosis was: "lentiginous junctional dysplastic nervus with moderate atypia, focally extending to the... READ MORE

Can Re-exision for a Moderate Atypical Mole Be Postponed a Few Months?

I had a punch biopsy done for a mole and the result came back as displastic nervous with moderate atypia extending to the peripheral margin. The doctor said I should have more... READ MORE

Does Completely Excised Mean Clear Margins?

I initially had a punch biopsy done for a mole. Because the diagnosis was "Lentiginous Junctional dysplastic nervus with moderate atypia, focally extending to the peripheral... READ MORE

Is Melanocytic Nervus a Normal Mole?

Hello. I had a mole removed and the biopsy result came as "melanocytic nevus, lentiginous type with moderate cytologic atypia, completely excised". Is that something to worry... READ MORE

I'm 40 and I had a stable atypical mole for 20 yrs. Is a 4 mm margin enough for moderate to severe displastic nevus?

My last 6 mths app - slight color change.I had an excision with 4 mm circumferential margins. Biopsy Lentiginous Compound Nevus with arhitectural disorder and Moderate To... READ MORE

Partial regression in a mole. Good or bad?

Mole pat rep:"mild atypia and partial regression; completely excited. Comment: in lesions with regression, the possibility of a more significant regressed component cannot be... READ MORE