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Post Breast Explantation Muscle Movement Seems Unnatural- Thoughts? (photo)

I've had my implants removed 3 months ago I don't regret the removal but my right breast does this pulling thing now (arrow in pic) when I flex my arm. I can move my... READ MORE

Risk Of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome With Breast Augmentation?

I've read a few articles where it said one of the side effects of breast implantation is thoracic outlet syndrome. Is there a way to avoid this? Why would someone develop... READ MORE

Had Breast Implants Removed Because they Were Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain from Bad Posture, Could this have Benn Avoided?

I am a software designer who works sitting down, often unconsciously slouched. I had breast augmentation this January, but had to take them out in July because I developed... READ MORE

Are there Benefits of Travelling for Plastic Surgery?

I've read about Chinese women travelling in groups to South Korea to get surgery done. I live in Japan but go to NY back and forth because of my family. Are there benefits... READ MORE

Asymmetry, Animation Effect and Breast Augmentation, Is this Normal? (photo)

I think is great and its great that doctors take the time to answer questions I find harder to ask 'facing' a doctor. I had augmentation in Jan and then... READ MORE