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They look great, and I don't say that often. The flattest chested people like us are truly bless because they look the best long term. I have friends in their 50's to 60's with them still looking amazing with no lifts. I miss my new... READ COMMENT

That is awesome, I didn't know you was korean! My uncle many years ago married a beautiful korean lady and they had 3 beautiful girls. Your eyes and perm makeup look great! I hate my eyes being messed with I had lasik recently and I... READ COMMENT

I figure it was the same team, I didn't have a problem that would be really annoying. I was there in Jan 2011. Yeah I agree people should make themselves happy and worry less about negative thinking on others. READ COMMENT

Dr. Aldo Guerra was my doctor, I liked him and his staff a ton. I kind of feel bad I didn't go with Dr. Spies too but he was really awesome when I did see him back at the gym and very happy for me...ha annoying part is other people kept... READ COMMENT

Dr. Spies is amazing I know him personally from my gym. He is such a great man, and he is hands down one of the best. READ COMMENT