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Tattoo Removal; Got my Confidence Back! - Jacksonville, FL

Let me begin by saying I love tattoos, GOOD tattoos can make you feel sexy and confident. But bad tattoos can do the exact opposite... My name is Sarah and I live in Florida. At 16 I had gotten a amateur tattoo in someone's home which was poorly done, the outline was too thick and uneven the tattoo was not symmetrical, and the lines were very rough. I had gotten it on the back of my left... READ MORE

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Would Laser Removal Treatments Completely Remove my Full Back Peice Tattoo?

I am beginning to really hate my tattoo and desperately want to remove it. It bothers me everyday and I can't live with it any more. Originally I had some flowers on my... READ MORE

I've Recently Had my First Tattoo Removal Laser Session Done and I Have Seen VERY Minimal Results, Is that Typical?

Laser used is AlexTriVantage Various shades of black colored tattoo Little to no difference after 5 weeks of first treatment Tan/olive skin complexion Have not tanned or smoked... READ MORE

Any Possible Revisions for Hypertrophic Scar After Piercing?

Form of body modification known as microdermal or surface anchor (not to be confused with surface piercing) Piercing had gotten badly infected then rejected completely from... READ MORE

What Are Some Risks I Can Expect Getting Breast Augmentation and How to Prevent Them?

I have read testimonials and seen many a pictures of boob jobs gone wrong. My greatest fear is that the implants will 'bottom out' (when the implants drop and patients... READ MORE

Will Getting a Breast Augmentation Negatively Affect Laser Tattoo Removal on My Back?

I'm currently undergoing tattoo removal, the process is going to take up to a year, and more than likely longer. Im opting to have my breasts done, will the surgery affect... READ MORE

Candela Alextrivantage Laser Tattoo Removal Not Working. Alternatives?

I am having a large portion of my back tattoo removed, about 1/4 of my entire back mostly black ink. I have undergone 4 treatments and have had no improvement in the fading of... READ MORE

I want bigger implants. If I get new breast implants will the cost be cheaper? (photo)

Got my breast implants 2 years ago 34B to 34D (375cc saline overfill to 450cc) I want about 600cc or so (a visibly larger look), I also would like implants with more upper pole... READ MORE

Will an internal bra help my breast revision? Cost? (photos)

Am attending consultations with my original ps and I am also getting some other ps opinions. So far I've even told I need a donut lift and internal bra. What is permanent... READ MORE

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Was this just an implant exchange (remove & replace)? Or did Dr. Yu perform an internal bra? Great results!! READ COMMENT

Awesome I'll be looking forward to seeing them! Lol yeah I went down to Orlando for my coverup I didn't trust anyone in town. Whoever you go to just make sure they've done plenty of coverups before. Aww thanks so much after going what I... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you didn't get another session! :) & scars are a pain to get rid of! I have some small raised scars from piercings :( but anyways, I don't know if you plan to get your tattoos covered or not, but when I went over my test spot... READ COMMENT

Hey I just stumbled across your pictures, and it concerned me a little. Now this is just my personal opinion so please don't get offended. I don't know if your still getting laser treatments or not but I think you should please stop. I... READ COMMENT