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One Session of Microneedling Plus Biopelle Tensage Took my Skin Back 10 Years - Miami, FL

It is CRAZY how much one session changed my skin. I am 46 and have generally pretty good medium-toned skin for my age. Not wrinkly, just some laxity issues. HOLY COW. I got one dermapen treatment and she did not even go terribly deep (.5-1mm). I cannot stop looking at my skin. My smile lines are almost gone. Those dimples that had turned into deep folds are better. The skin around my... READ MORE

First round totally disappeared. Second round still here, but with big dent

At 41 after 2 kids, I felt like I had lost a lot of volumein my face... especially around my eyes and cheek bones. I felt like I looked much older than I did. I got an upper and lower blepharoplasty and full face fat transfer from Dr. Karam two weeks and a few days ago. I won't really see the final results for a few weeks, but so far it looks great. The only negatives are... READ MORE

Questions from Guacamoleandchips

Swelling - Ice or Heat for Fat Transfer/Bleph?

I am 5 days out of an upper/lower blepharoplasty and full face fat transfer. I am very swollen in my cheeks and my eyes are black/blue and yellow. I thought the swelling would... READ MORE

Ice Vs Heat Post-blepharoplasty or Fat Transfer?

What is the evidence, if any, on when and how to use ice or heat after a blepharoplasty and fat tranfer? READ MORE

Retin-A .1 Every Day Still Has No Effect, What Can I Do?

Hi. So, I use Retin A's strongest level pretty much every day. I have no peeling or irritation and wasn't sure if that meant that it was not having an effect. Do you... READ MORE

Not Really Peeling with Obagi, Is this Normal?

Hi. I am not really peeling on my Obagi NuDerm... I am doing it correctly, but nothing is really happening. I have used Retin A for a long time. Thanks! READ MORE

Loss of Volume in Temples, Cheeks and Under Eyes - Fat Tried Two Times and Disappeared?

Hi. I spent a huge amount of money getting a full face fat transfer that pretty much entirely disappeared. I ended up with a dent in my cheek when I smile where the fat didn't... READ MORE

Neocutis System Vs. TNS Recovery for Anti-aging Long Term Use?

Hi. Would love to know which product is better for just a regular anti-aging regimen? Thanks! READ MORE

What are cosmetic options for prominent front teeth? (photo)

I loathe my teeth. I know they could be worse, but the front teeth are so square and prominent and slightly forward from the rest of my teeth. I saw an orthodontist who didn't... READ MORE

Too much cheek fat two years out?

I have both too much cheek fat and and a bit of a dent from fat in one cheek. Anything to do? READ MORE

Is 10% Hydroquinine safe?

I am a 45 year old woman with olive skin with some deep freckling/pigmentation. In the past, I have done Obagi and loved it, but my Derm said he could just kind of do a... READ MORE

What is the least scarring face lift? Can it all be hidden in the scalp?

I thought I read a few years ago about someone in LA doing small targeted incisions in the scalp that pulled at strategic places and did not have any visible scars even around... READ MORE

How do you choose a facial laser practitioner?

I am interested in doing a facial rejuvenation laser. Seems like there are a sprinkling of nightmare stories and I want to make sure I choose the person (and the laser)... READ MORE

Are there different kinds or qualities of microneedling?

There seem to be a variety of microneedling procedures (some expensive and some not) that happen in a physician's office or medi-spa. Some are $250 and some are $3,000. What... READ MORE

What is Vivace Microneedling?

Someone offers it, but I can find very little information about it... which is worrisome. Is it effective? Safe? READ MORE

Different recovery/risk profiles for Fraxel Repair, Mixto, and medical grade TCA?

Trying to figure out which is least risky on Fitzpatrick Type III and won't leave me with pink skin for months. I have medium skin with some acne, laxity, wrinkling and pore... READ MORE

Laser/microneedling/Ultherapy post fat graft

Can you get laser resurfacing or micro needling w/ RF after a fat graft? Don't want my face to melt. I had it about 4 years ago and don't want to do anything to make my face... READ MORE

UltraShape and a Waist Trainer?

Is there any benefit to wearing a waist trainer after ultra shape? READ MORE

Derma pen for laxity and wrinkles depth?

I paid $300 for Dermapen micro needling with some sort of serum. I went in expecting numbing cream and took a few days off to not look red. She said no numbing cream because it... READ MORE

What is the appropriate depth of Dermapen for laxity and wrinkles?

I am 46 with some laxity and light wrinkling. How deep can the aesthetician go? Do I need an md as long as it is in a doctor's office? READ MORE

What does adding Velashape after an Ultrashape session to eliminate love handles do?

What does adding Velashape after an Ultrashape session to eliminate love handles do? I don't have cellulite or skin tightening issues... but the person did it on me after... READ MORE

Microneedling with a Dermapen-like machine or with RF?

Is there any data on efficacy of micro-needling with our without RF? All at a physician's office, of course. There is not a huge price difference ($125 more), but didn't know... READ MORE

Brow furrow untouched by botox?

Hi! I have double brow furrow (not wrinkles, more dent-like) that seems to be relatively untouched by botox. Not only do I have the muscle recruitment problem, but the furrow... READ MORE

What is the best face/neck skin tightening/collagen building treatment that is not surgery? RF with Microneedling? Laser?

What is the best face/neck skin tightening/collagen building treatment that is not surgery? RF with Microneedling? Laser? I am 46 and just starting to show some facial laxity... READ MORE

Ultrashape made my love handles worse?

Is this possible? It shrank fat around my love handles, but the love handles themselves were stubborn and are now more prominent. READ MORE

Would fat transfer work for brow furrow? (photo)

I have a constant brown furrow.I don't know if it shows up in this photo. But, I always look kind of angry. I have had successful transfer of fat elsewhere, my cheek ended up... READ MORE

How to get a natural looking facelift that just makes you look better?

I'm 46 with just a tiny touch of jowling and sagging chin. I'd like to be proactive and get a facelift in the next year or two, but I want it to be incredibly natural. Happy to... READ MORE

Peer reviewed studies on microneedling for aging, does it really work?

My derm said that microneedling does nothing and there are no peer reviewed evidence based studies on it. READ MORE

Discussions started by Guacamoleandchips

If you had $2500 a year to spend on anti-aging cosmetic procedures, what would you do?

At 46, I'd love to know... Micro needling? Laser? Retina-A? What is the longest lasting and most effective thing I can do for my skin? READ MORE

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What was your recovery like time-wise? READ COMMENT

He's so arrogant. He botched my bleph a bit and fat transfer. He fixed the bleph but they were super rude about it. Fat transfer left a big dent in my cheek READ COMMENT

I didn't, I decided to do some at home peels I bought online. And do hydroquinone I got from dr Carey, my derm in abq READ COMMENT

I am in Santa Fe... Dying to do this. Signed up for a peek in abq next week at Flawless off menaul. My skin is exactly like yours. Tell me how it turns out. READ COMMENT