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Ladies, DO Botox and DO IT NOW!!!

Had Botox injected for the 1st time 2 days ago (I'm 29 and wanted to get started early; had Juvederm in lips about 2 months ago and love it!) I had begun to have lines going across my forehead when my face was at rest and these lines had become a little bit stagnant and constantly there...my makeup was settling into these forehead lines throughout the day. This caused major panic on my... READ MORE

Looks Great in Lips, but Results Are Short-lived...

First time to have Juvederm injected into both my upper and lower lips... was somewhat nervous, but procedure was not that painful.  Received a numbing topical anesthetic first that was placed on both my lips and gums, which worked rather well!  Next came the Lidocaine injections (the numbing medicine), which the needle is tiny and doesn't hurt, but the medicine stings just a bit... READ MORE

Questions from RdLlRose

Why Did my Body Metastasize Juvederm Lip Injections So Quickly?

I had Juvederm (1 vial) injected, for the first time, in both my upper and lower lips a little over a month ago. I have lumps on the inside of just my upper lip that I have... READ MORE

Recommendations for Facial Self-Tanner After Healing from TCA Chemical Peel?

What kind of natural-looking, facial self-tanner do you recommend after a TCA peel, once healing is fully completed? I am a 29-year old female and had a 10% TCA chemical peel... READ MORE

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Had my next round of Botox Thursday...today is Sat. and I look better already. I can tell the difference but others just comment things like, "You look really good...what have you been doing?" Probably will have fully kicked in by... READ COMMENT

Again, to follow up Blond Barbie, if you are very expressive and animated when speaking, these forehead expression lines are inevitable, regardless of age...you will get them, I promise! I have a couple of girls that run and train with... READ COMMENT

Original poster here...face looks young, but forehead did have some wrinkles in it. The longer you let them sit, the deeper they will marr themselves into your skin and you will have much more difficulty eliminating them later on in... READ COMMENT

I agree...it has been almost 3 weeks since I had a TCA peel done and I a just now getting to the point that the flaking and peeling is beginning to stop (hopefully!) Still peeling around eyes, nose, and mouth areas. The crazy thing is... READ COMMENT

Botox has fully taken effect now and my forehead looks unbelieveable! Literally took 5 years off...not to mention, lifted my eyes up and opened them up way more! READ COMMENT