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52 Year Old 3rd Breast Procedure and Revision of Mini TT to Full TT - Harrisburg, PA

Have had 2 ba's 2ndwas a good lift but boobs are different sizes and nipples are uneven. Left breast is very painful. Had mini TT which put fat above bob instead of below and upper abd is ugly. Am really contemplating explantation but not sure. Doc will work with current implants/lift/reshape and full tt So I'm too weeks away and still concerned my doc doesn't do lipo with procedure. ... READ MORE

Mini Tuck but Want Full with Lipo - Harrisburg, PA

I have had breast augmentation with lift in past. Am not real happy with that procedure. I am now scheduled for a mini tummy tuck with lipo and brow lift. Don't have much down time so need to get as much done at one time as I can. I've been to two surgeons both different opinions. Now I'm confused and anxious. Advice don't ever do it... I don't look any better if not maybe... READ MORE

Questions from Hummelstown5016

How Can You Determine the Need for Muscle Repair During a TT Evaluation? (photo)

I am wondering how it is determined that you need muscle repair or not. Full or mini tuck just by observation. My first consult did not even look at me without cloths before he... READ MORE

How much Bruising After Eyebrow Lift?

How long and how much bruising is involved with endoscopic browlift? READ MORE

Explantation? Does It Require More then Just Removal of Implant to Get Hopeful Pleasing, Understood Deflated Appearance

50 years old. 145# 36D. from 36C...270cc saline round...I keep hear about capsulectomy??? No issues with implants just feel top heavy...and they are heavy!!! creasing in... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Wanting Explantation and Lift, Possible Replacement? (photo)

I am scheduled for explantation with lift on the 16th. My concern is that I have 270 cc Saline sub glandular now. Should I have replacement right away or should I wait? I hate... READ MORE

What is Involved in Revision for Uneven Nipples Post Augmentation/lift?

I had lift and replaced breast implants after 12 years. I'm only 3 weeks out, but am wondering what procedure is required for nipples that are uneven. One is higher then... READ MORE

Unhappy With Post Tummy Tuck Results. What Are My Options? (photo)

I am 5'4 and 150#. I had a mini tt in January and am very disappointed with my results. I don't feel any different except now I have a scar. I actually feel tighter and... READ MORE

How Do I Talk To My Surgeon About Being Unhappy With TT Results?

I have a recent post regarding dissappointed with mini tummy tuck results. Lower abd is bulging and rounded. Very disappointed. I have expressed my concerns and am going to see... READ MORE

Need revision of mini -tummy tuck and breast augmentation

I have had two lifts with augmentation and now my one breast is larger than the other. What is the best thing to do and can this be fixed. I am thinking about having the... READ MORE

What is the consistency of the breast tissue post explantation?

I have had two breast augmentations with a lollipop lift (most recent 2 years ago) Implants are 240 cc and I am a full 36D/prior to first surgery was 36C. Nipples are uneven... READ MORE

Post-op care required for belly button post TT - what's best to make it heal properly?

What is the recommendations for belly button's post TT to keep it looking good and healing properly. READ MORE

How painful is the Tummy Tuck using local anesthesia?

I am having a full tummy tuck in 6 weeks. I am concerned about my love handles. My physician assured me he will make everything look right and that if need he will do lipo in... READ MORE

Does the length of the scar for a full TT have a direct effect on the skin at the hip and sides?

I am having a full tt and am concerned about my flank and hip area. If the scar is longer would it help with the extra skin in the hip and side area?? My surgeon does not do... READ MORE

Tissue under arms after recent mastoplexy, achor lift, adjustment of implants.

I had a mastoplexy using anchor lift last week as I has psuedopotosis. My implants were adjusted as one was very loose (the implants were not the problem it was my natural... READ MORE

Do you think I would do okay with a direct brow lift? (photos)

As you can see from my pic I have pytosis of my eyelids making me look angry and tired most of the time. I am constantly lifting brows, hence wrinkles on forehead. My concern... READ MORE

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Is anyone unhappy with post lower abd bulging post TT?

I had a mini tuck 3 months ago after much debate and consideration.  I am not pleased with my results.  My abd is not flat nor is it attractive.  I'm... READ MORE

How do you decide to remove your implants? And if your surgeon does not do lipo what happens with your love handles?

I have contemplated for several years to have implants removed but I just can't do it. I am going to have a revision done in two months this will be my third procedure. I am... READ MORE

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Thanks and no did not use the same ps. Am very happy with my results. Boobs are still really sore and I'm going on 2 months. Pesto match looks great!!! READ COMMENT

I think your results look good. Your scar is healing well and appears to easily blend with is it now? Did you get tatoo? READ COMMENT

Did you have anything done to your belly button??? That is the weirdest feeling ever when anything touches it. READ COMMENT

You look great. I am 16 days out. My surgeon did an excellent job!!!! READ COMMENT

How are you feeling? As I mentioned I also had a lift and am very sore and swollen. I fell I have breast tissue (not just swelling) under my arms to my back. Do you have this??? Thanks and heal well. READ COMMENT