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People are mean and jealous because they are not happy with themselves. Are you very affected by their words? It seems that you care a lot about what others say and your perception of how they perceive you. READ COMMENT

It is without a doubt frustrating to have spent so much hard earned money and be where many of us are at. I hope that in the future Ion becomes a more accessible option for you. He does work in conjunction with an ENT-Charles East. I do... READ COMMENT

Very sorry to hear about your experience. Have you considered consulting with Dr.Ion in London? READ COMMENT

Will he use permanent or dissolvable stitches? What are the specific techniques that he will use to change the appearance of your nose-to the tip, bridge? Will there be any possible collapse of the nasal valves? Does he foresee any... READ COMMENT

And it is best to avoid grafts unless you absolutely need them. Sometimes they work out okay other times they can feel hard, uncomfortable and shift over time. If a person needs them then sometimes there are no alternatives but best to... READ COMMENT