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The symmetry and size are both improved already. Looks much straighter and the tip is smaller and defined. :) Beautiful ! READ COMMENT

We have basically seen every type of picture of you. All beautiful and one of the best nose jobs I have seen from *all* angles! (Btw, your hair is amazing!) now go and be content and enjoy life. If you can't get help and figure out how... READ COMMENT

Good :) I wish that Lucian had done my revision. I am in the US but there are some amazing pictures of primaries and revisions done by him on this board. https://www.realself... READ COMMENT

:) I had the same problem-he just shaved down the bump so the sides billowed out. It is like cutting off the top of a pointy tent but not moving the sides in to make up for it. My revision surgeon had to break my nose and move the bones... READ COMMENT

Did the surgeon break your nose or just shave down the bump? Your after nose looks cute and has a lower bridge but overall looks like he did not really do much work on it. Either way, see Dr. Lucian Ion in London if you are able. READ COMMENT