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Juvederm/Restylane Migration and Reaction - Chicago, IL

Had HA fillers several times dating from 2/10-3/11. Resty and Juve. Now (close to 4 years later) having a horrible reaction. Lumpy appearance, inflammation. Drs claim no way there is still filler. Had ultrasound done. The filler is still there and has migrated all over my face. His Stuff last forever and moves! I don't know why the doctors claim this stuff goes away in 6 months. It doesn't.... READ MORE

Questions from chicagoeyes

Hyaluronidase: Damage? Allergic Reaction?

I have had a roller coaster with Juvederm under the eyes and in the malar area. A week ago today, I saw a cosmetic surgeon who attempted to dissolve the product. He used an... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Swelling and Eye Damage?

I had hyaluronidase injected approx. 2 months ago to dissolve Juvederm under the eyes, tear trough and malar region. The doctor used a very, very generoous amount of... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Filler? (photo)

Apprx 3 years ago I had restylane injected in my lips and at the sides of my chin.. I didnt love the appearance of it and a year later a doctor recommended that I have Juvederm... READ MORE

Terrible Adverse Events from Juvederm 2 Years After Injection?

Had Juvederm over 2 years ago under eyes. Was not going away on its own and attempted to have it dissolved with Vitrase. Since then, I have been having terrible problems.... READ MORE

How Far Can Hyaluronidase Travel from Injection Site?

I had Vitrase injected to dissolve Juvederm in the tear trough, temple and malar region. Since then I have been having horrible problems. Eyes are mostly affected. Pain in the... READ MORE

Juvederm Complications Years Later. What to Do? (photo)

Had Juvederm once 3 years ago and once 2 years ago. Under eyes, malar area, lips and chin. tried to have dissolved. Few day layers noticed indents under eyes. Few more days... READ MORE

How Did Hyaluronidase Damage my Eyes?

Vitrase to dissolve juvederm in the under eye and cheek area. The doctor used a very large amount of Vitrase and did not dilute w saline. A few days later I started... READ MORE

Swelling From Juvederm?

I had juvederm placed in the past in my tear troughs and cheek areas. Now I am faced everyday with swelling in the areas the filler is as well as swelling of my upper eyelids.... READ MORE

Biofilm from Juvederm. Best Course of Treatment?

I have what doctors have pretty much decided is a biofilm reaction from my juvederm. What would be the recommended course of antibiotics?? I am allergic to penicillin and... READ MORE

Restylane/Juvederm migration to eyelid.

I had juvederm and restylane on several occasions in tear trough and crows feet area. It migrated to my upper eyelids (proven on ultrasound) and is causing serious issues. It... READ MORE

How to get rid of everlasting Juvederm?

I have had juvederm in my face for 5 years running. IS juvederm and yes it HAS lasted this long. It has given me horrible eye bags, swollen cheeks, intermittent... READ MORE

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Thanks for the input. However, not to be rude, but if you even begin to take a look at this site you will find many, many of us who have had juvederm or restylane and it is not going away. The product I was injected with was restylane... READ COMMENT

They say they don't notice. Until I break out pictures and start showing things very specifically. At the same time, it's hard to tell, bc photos don't really capture the same little details as it does when I am scrutinizing in the... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately, I have been through the ringer in regards to botox/filler/dissolver. I'm in the same boat as you where I wish I would have just left well enough alone. I didn't need anything to begin with really, I had botox (well,... READ COMMENT

Eyeschicago...Just found this site and all your comments. I am experiencing some similar horrifying problems. I was hoping you might be able to talk about what DR's you've seen and your progress. READ COMMENT