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76 love joy good luck with your surgery. What time are you having yours next week? I'm having mine the same day as you, but I'm the second one having surgery that day at 12:00. I'm pretty excited about this, but at the same time really... READ COMMENT

Hi Mizznewbooty, I am also getting a bbl, but not a tt. I have two children and they stretched my skin pretty good. I'm having my surgery 22 Feb so you'll be doing yours before me. Please let me know how everything went for you. READ COMMENT

Sabrina X: I'm not sure if I'm getting drains I'll have to ask the Dr. As for leave days I'm taking 24 days for leave do you think thats enough time to recover? Where can I buy those supplements from? Did you start running yet? I'm... READ COMMENT

Sabrina X: Thanks for all the information, but I have a quick question how long will I be swollen down there for? The doctor I went with is Dr. Salama. I'm having surgery on 22 Feb, I'm still deployed right now and I won't be back state... READ COMMENT

Sabrine X: Thank you so much for the info I feel a little less nervous now. I am super excited about the whole thing. I've been wanting this the ages, but just didn't have the guts to do it. Did the doctor tell you when you can start... READ COMMENT