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Microwaving my Face - Beverly Hills, California

I don't feel pain as a rule. Natural child birth is more painful than Thermage. For one month I looked great, then I woke up and there was a triangular shaped divot in the middle of my cheek. My doctor allowed the nurse to do it, even though he said he would. When I went back to complain he said,"Oh, you had acne, that's what you are seeing." I had poreless skin that months... READ MORE

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Thank you for the compliment. I am a writer, and should write a book about doctors and the treatments they suggest. I was talked into Thermage by the very doctor, who knew I wasn't a candidate, but greed has no bounds. On another note,... READ COMMENT

Hilde: I couldn't agree with you more. And actors aren't that bright for the most part, I live in L.A., trust me. READ COMMENT

And in the wrong hands, and at the incorrect setting it is devastating. It does melt the fat and collagen in your face. Mine has taken years to look better. READ COMMENT

If you enjoy sticking your head in the microwave go ahead. I had it a few years ago and it destroyed all the fat in my face and gave me huge pores. Even fillers don't last long now. Your doctor is correct, thermage is a bunch of bunk... READ COMMENT

I don't understand how all these doctors are getting away with it. Luckily, I wasn't as damaged as others I have seen. But I was unaware of EMAX, not that I would try anything else. I have to get fillers all the time. Had a good build... READ COMMENT