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I seen where you sent me a private message but i dont know how to reply without it being on here....class was just a one time thing...my goal weight is about 140 and i need to lose about 140 to get there READ COMMENT

Im a little tech slack....I don't know how to get to the pic mess.....I don't have face book but I would like to e mail you...what ya think...I had my first class today and go for physcological part tommorrow....then I just got to... READ COMMENT

How much are you lookin to lose....and are you worried bout loose skin? By the way im from the US READ COMMENT

My insurance required a six month diet followed by a doctor....but I go to my first class tommorrow....hope everything goes well for you READ COMMENT

Thank you kirsty...how long do you have to go to classes and physoclogical meetings before they will let you speak to a surgeon or set up an appt. For surgery.... READ COMMENT