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Revision Rhinoplasty :(

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Revision Rhinoplasty

20 Mar 2017, Updated 2 months ago

Lucian Ion, FRCS

3 out of 5 stars

I had a follow up review with Dr Lucian few weeks ago. He examined me but then it was me that pointed out I'm not very happy with the front view. He had a another look and took photos and then he agreed that the left external valve is very very slightly caved in compared to the right side. On the other hand the right side wall and external valve looks fuller. He believes the the crooked look... READ MORE

Questions from kanar

Dark Circles Under Eyes Would Restalyne Help? (photo)

I'm 28 years old male middle eastern guy. I have been suffering of dark circles for ever. I have tried different treatment but none of them worked!!! Most recently a... READ MORE

16 days post op Rhinoplasty and not very pleased with the results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 16 days post rhinoplasty. I had a crooked, long wide nose with hanging columella. The surgeon performed an open rhino.+ osteotomies. The aim was to reduce the length/width,... READ MORE

16 days post rhinoplasty and not satisfied with results! Could this be swelling obscuring the results? (Photo)

I know It is still early to judge results, but still I'm concerned especially re the profile.. Had open Rhino+osteotomies. The aim was to reduce the length/width of the nose,... READ MORE

No response to different laser hair removal devices

I am 30 y/o middle eastern-european of origin skin type 4.I had LHR for a small area on central chest and central abdomen. Started with Lumenis. had > than 15 treatments on... READ MORE

Recent comments from kanar

Hi, Although I'm not fully satisfied yet, I can definitely say that he fixed lot of issues I had. My nose is overall smaller, shorter and the tip is nicely supported. The collumela is also nice and neat. It is just that one side is more... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you read my review. It seems you have a nice nose to start with. Please do not touch ur nose! You will regret it. It is not worth it to go through rhinoplasty just for a minor change! READ COMMENT

Thanks Cindy... READ COMMENT

From my readings, both spreader graft and batten grafts can be used for mid vault collapse. However, spreader grafts are mainly used if u have functional problem ( breathing difficulty on that side) or significant cosmetic caving/... READ COMMENT

Thanks EstellaAstros. Do not worry ur english is perfect.. READ COMMENT