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I Wish I Had Never Heard of the Stuff, What a Nightmare - Javea, Costa Blanca North, Spain

December 4, 2011 5 years ago at the age of 65 I had bio alamid injection in my cheeks in spain by a Dr Sylva in a beaty clinic in Benitatchel, she rented a room there once a month. checked to see if it was safe and all came up good. I was delighted with it, took all the laughter lines away. Moved to south Africa 2 years ago as no longer could affod to live in spain. In August had a tooth... READ MORE

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Had Bio Alcamid Injected into Cheeks, Could That Have Been Penetrated While at Dentist for Abscess?

Had bio alcamid injected into cheeks 4 years ago, very happy with it. then 6 weeks ago had a tooth abcess, put on antibiotics, but in the end tooth removed, upper back one and... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid. Can 5mHz Multipolar RF device be safely used to remove excess fluid in implant?

Can 5mHz Multipolar RF device be safely used to remove excess fluid in implant READ MORE

Can 5mHz Multipolar RF be used to remove fluid from Capsulr

7 years ago had Bio Alcamid put into cheek bones. was delighted.Tthen had a tooth abscess, Dentist tried to stop it with antibiotics, but didn't work. Took tooth out, I asked... READ MORE

Is cortisone injection into capsule safe?

Doctor says cortisone injection into bio alcamid on my cheekbones to remove the fluid there is safe? READ MORE

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Can I have a cortison injection put int Bio alcamid filler in cheek.

7 years ago in Spain had Bio Alcamid filler in cheeks. Fantastic. then has tooth abscess, tooth out, whole right side of face swollen, filler infected, antibiotic didnt gave me... READ MORE

Nightmare Bioalcamid

Does any body know of a doctor in London who can remove the stuff. 5 years ago terrible infection due to dental work in right cheek. A nightmare. thanks to your team I was told... READ MORE

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I am the same. had Bioalcamid injected 9 years ago. the tooth abscess 5 years ago, Infection in the awful stuff. antibiotics cleared it up but still swollen there its a nightmare READ COMMENT

Its a nightmare. I was fine until had tooth abscess, now right side of cheek very swollen. Spanish doctor who couldn't speak English said she could try and help. try is not what I wanted to hear. thank goodness my hair hides a lot. Why... READ COMMENT

Ruined lots of lives. If I had no had the tooth infection I probably would have been OK. Darent have it out, even through swollen and thank goodness hair hides a lot. But its broken up around my eyes and probably infused with normal tissue. READ COMMENT

Its a nightmare. I had a tooth out and then whole face swollen, antibiotics stopped it eventually, but cheek still hard and lumpy and swollen, I wouldn't dare have it out, the cost would be horrendous and probably the complications, so... READ COMMENT

Looked for that on FB couldnt find it. I had mine done in spain, they sold 130,000 units there and no they dont care, I tried to get lawyers to help but didnt even bother to answer me. READ COMMENT